What is the definition of ABA routing?

Answer ABA routing numbers, also known as transit numbers, are used on checks to identify the bank responsible for facilitating the transfer of money. The numbers are assigned by the American Bankers Asso... Read More »

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What Is Used by a Routing Protocol to Determine the Best Path to Include in the Routing Table?

Routers employ several criteria to determine the path when forwarding data. It considers the convergence time and the default or administrative distance between routers. To determine the best path,... Read More »

What is the routing number for hancock bank in florida Is the routing number the same for all cities in fl?

What Is ABA Routing?

Developed by the American Banking Association in 1910, ABA routing is the process of returning checks presented to a financial institution for deposit to the bank that the check was issued on so th... Read More »

What Is Wachovia's ABA Routing Number?

Wachovia's ABA routing numbers vary according to the location of the bank. For personal accounts, it is the first sequence of numbers on the bottom left corner of your checks, and is usually nine d... Read More »