What is the definition for tree growth rings?

Answer The growth rings represent each year. If the tree had a good year because it got lots of water and sun, it grows a lot and the ring is thick. If the tree had a bad year like little water/light, the... Read More »

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What causes growth rings?

different tempetures and water availability. when water is scarse the tree grows many new small diamater pipes (xylem) which look darker to us and when water is plentiful the new xylem are few and ... Read More »

How are growth rings formed?

Hi there growth are formed over hundreds of years they indicate a growth stage in a tree the more growth rings the older the tree, only slow growing trees have beautiful growth rings such as oak tr... Read More »

What do the rings on the tree mean?

Tree rings provide information for scientists. They can discover climate patterns, drought conditions and many other factors from close examination of the rings. They can also determine the age of ... Read More »

Do branches have tree rings?