What is the definition for dual citizenship?

Answer A person who has a dual citizenship is a citizen of two countries. Like a regular citizen, the person must abide by each country's laws, but also gains access to special government programs only al... Read More »

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Does the us allow dual citizenship?

The United States government does sometimes permit dual citizenship. If a person is born in another country, but is born to parents who are U.S. citizens, that person can be a U.S. citizen and a ci... Read More »

Does the UK allow dual citizenship?

The United Kingdom allows dual citizenship. You do not need to give up your current nationality or citizenship to become a British citizen. If, however, you are already a British citizen and you wi... Read More »

Can a U.S. President have dual citizenship?

The Constitution of the United States does not specifically prohibit dual citizenship with regard to Presidential eligibility. That being said, the Constitution does state in Article II that only n... Read More »

Can I have dual citizenship with the Netherlands?

Yes, dual citizenship is allowed in the Netherlands, as over 1.1 million people of Dutch nationality have citizenship in more than one country. Nearly half of those dual citizenship people have a M... Read More »