What is the definition for a polarizing filter?

Answer A polarizing filter is a specialized lens that is screwed onto a camera lens. It has a variety of functions, chiefly to eliminate glare and reflections during photography. Polarizing filters can a... Read More »

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What is a circular polarizing filter?

Many photographers use a circular polarizing filter to achieve particular visual effects. If you have never used one, however, you may be wondering just why circular polarizing filters are popular ... Read More »

In photography what does a polarizing filter do?

Un-polarized white light typically vibrates in all directions radially from its axis of travel (think of a bicycle wheel with spokes radiating from the centre; the spokes represent the vibrations o... Read More »

What is light that has passed through a polarizing filter called?

A beam of light vibrates in all directions. According to Professor Stephen A. Nelson of Tulane University, when a beam of light hits a polarizing filter, the filter absorbs the light vibrating in e... Read More »

Should I Use a Circular Polarizing Filter on My DSLR?

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