How to Be Metrosexual?

Answer Metrosexuality is, at its most basic, a manner in which a straight man displays the more feminine actions and concern for appearance commonly associated with the stereotypical "gay man."

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What is your defination of True Wealth?

Look around you! If you're smiling now, you probably have it! :-)

How to Write an Essay Paper on the Metrosexual?

An essay on metrosexuals needs to make a clear argument about metrosexuals. It's not a fact sheet, or a newspaper article, that just delivers information. Rather, an essay needs to start with an op... Read More »

How to Pretend to Be a Metrosexual when You're Actually a Girl?

From the point of view of an out-of-the closet genderqueer, it can be difficult to find the balance of masculine and feminine that best suits you. This guide will help biological females explore a ... Read More »

Defination of word lounge?

lounge means to laze about. e.g. the students were lounging around.