What is your defination of True Wealth?

Answer Look around you! If you're smiling now, you probably have it! :-)

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Defination of word lounge?

lounge means to laze about. e.g. the students were lounging around.

Which one camera remain good for profisionals a 3ccd or high defination?

you obviously dont know anything about cameras. every camera that is out now is high definition for the most part. the 3ccd is just the type of sensor in certain cameras that records the light brou... Read More »

What is an"ecological footprint"?

The phrase ecological footprint refers to how much land and water must be used by a population to produce its resources and to manage its waste. The global hectare is the standard measurement used ... Read More »

Who came up with the ecological footprint?

Swiss mechanical engineer Mathis Wackernagel developed the Ecological Footprint in 1990 while completing his doctorate at the University of British Columbia. He collaborated with his professor, Wil... Read More »