What is the defference between the ipodtouch 2g and 3g?

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How do tell the defference between a guy and girl bbw leather jacket?

Bear in mind that Mens shirts and jackets have buttons on the right side of the garment, and anything with a Zipper has the Pull tab also on the right side. Those are the obvious differences. The F... Read More »

How do you get n64 for ipodtouch?

By jailbreaking your ipod touch and downloading cydia.

How do I Jailbreak my Ipodtouch?

OK so here you go.1] Download greenp0ison from this link] Run the file3] Follow the steps shown by the installer.4] Now after the injection is complete, to on your ipod ... Read More »

Ipodtouch 8gb jailbrake help!?

I wouldn't reccomend doing that. I jailbroke my old ipod touch 1G and it was great at first, but after a while it got slower and kept freezing. Then, about two months later, itunes just completely ... Read More »