At what point over the earth are the dish network satellites?

Answer Pay the remaining months and tell the customer support to disconnect your service on the end of your contract.

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How do I stop the tilting function on google earth everytime i click on a point of interest?

In Google Earth, go to TOOLS >>> OPTIONS>In the options panel, click on NAVIGATION.On the bottom right NAVIGATION. check the circle DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY TILT.... click APPLY and the OK.Hope that he... Read More »

What is the melting point and boiling point of lead?

Lead, element number 82 on the Periodic Table, is a metal that is a solid at room temperature. It melts at 600.61 degrees Kelvin (327.46 degrees Celsius) and boils at 2023 degrees Kelvin (1750 degr... Read More »

What is the boiling point and freezing point of gold?

Gold is a transition metal with a boiling point of approximately 2,807 degrees Celsius, or 5,084 degrees Fahrenheit. Its freezing point (and melting point) is approximately 1,064 degrees Celsius, o... Read More »

What is the deepest you can scuba dive?

The deepest official SCUBA dive record was set by Nuno Gomes at 318.25 meters in June of 2005. He made the dive with support from his crew 4 kilometers off shore in the Red Sea. However, Pascal Ber... Read More »