Have you ever had your belt on a tighter hole than the fitting one?

Answer I personally like my belts to be very tight; I'm not quite sure why, I think I just knowing that my pants will definitely not slip! If you want to wear your belt tight, you can, just make sure you'... Read More »

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Have you ever burned a hole in your boxer shorts by using heating pad?

No... Sorry. Mine are all friction burns.

Have you ever fallen down a hole in the street and made a claim to the council for damages?

I took our local council to court when my Daughter trip in a whole and broke her nose that badly she needs surgery latter in life, the hole was not in the street but in our council home where they ... Read More »

In the style of Pipadeagua. Have you ever chewed a hole through an igloo and found a straight banana?

Hamsters are orangeYour teeth they be greenWhat happened to your questions Yapoo deemed obscene?Hedgehogs are cuddlyBananas are pink Chewing on Igloos could make one real sick.Droolers are easyTo ... Read More »

Do you ever have your belts on a hole or more tighter than your normal one?

well you can udjust it to how tight you need it that day.... If i eat a lot then i need to losen it, but if i'm not eating a lot or if i was excerising that day i have it tighter