What is a limestone cave?

Answer Limestone caves are solutional caves made of limestone. They form when groundwater gradually dissolves rocks and leaves cavern areas, according to Amazing Caves. Some limestone caves have hard rock... Read More »

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What is the deepest you can scuba dive?

The deepest official SCUBA dive record was set by Nuno Gomes at 318.25 meters in June of 2005. He made the dive with support from his crew 4 kilometers off shore in the Red Sea. However, Pascal Ber... Read More »

What is the deepest song you can think of?

I don't know about deepest, but Chasing Cars by Snowpatrol is pretty deep:Those three wordsAre said too muchThey're not enoughThat's my favorite line! :)

What is the deepest subway in the world?

Northern Line and Jubilee Line, London Underground

What is in the cave in Virtual Villagers?

"Virtual Villagers" is a puzzle-solving game for the PC. The cave in "Virtual Villagers" is a blocked location in the game and one of the final puzzles that the game player must complete.Source:IGN... Read More »