How to Deal With White Coat Hypertension?

Answer Does your heart start pounding when you see the doctor walk into the room? White Coat hypertension is common in teens and adults. Even though you may know whats going to happen whether it be a simp... Read More »

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How to Deal With White Hairs As a Teenager?

A white (or colourless) hair. There is no melanin, which causes white hair to grow.Have you found a couple of white hairs as a teenager and are worried about aging? This article is here to help you!

Why do people call people with tattoos white trash ect..?

No, my favorite is "What will that look like when you're 90". Seriously- who the f--- cares about your tats when you're 90. You will be wrinkled with saggy boobs. What difference will tats make? At... Read More »

How to Deal With a Low White Blood Cell Count?

If a patient is found to have a dangerously low white blood cell count his normal schedule for chemotherapy may be delayed or the length of sessions may be reduced by his doctor until a higher whit... Read More »

How to Deal With People Who Tell You What to Do While You're Playing a Sport?

The people who tell you what do in sports are really annoying,sometimes you're doing the right thing, then they tell you, you're doing completely the wrong thing.Annoying,right?