What is the deal with having to log into twitter to get onto wikipedia's website!!?

Answer Your browser is not working properly (a virus, maybe?) or you are using the wrong address to access Wikipedia.Please use , and… ... Read More »

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Anybody having problems logging into messengerif so wtf is the deal today with it?

yahoo is having issues, its on and off just try checking back later, it should be fine in a couple of hours,. or even minutes maybethis has happened before...............

Is anyone else having problems geting onto the facebook website?

Yeah i was logged on this morning but now it says network error,the site as been abit down lately anyway,something to do with their servers,wish they would hurry up and sort it out!

Is anyone having trouble signing onto yahoo messanger i can't get into hoo?

What's the deal with my Twitter account?

The MBR corruption on your laptop should not have affected your Twitter account in any way. Your best bet is to just use the "forgot password" link. (Next to "remember me" on the site, under "login")