What is in an airplane emergency food kit?

Answer An emergency food kit implies that no drinkable water or adequate food supply will be available. Therefore, bottled water and purification tablets should be included. Food should include non-perish... Read More »

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Diabetics, can you take peanut butter on an airplane What do you take so you don't get stuck without food?

You are allowed one carry on piece of luggage, and you can put whatever snack food in there that you want. peanut butter or anything else, as long as it's not liquid. Once you go past that airport... Read More »

So what's the deal with airline food?

I don't know...I am always curious as to how they can make it taste THAT bad!!!!

How to Deal With Food Cravings?

Craving that sweet snack? Or that last piece of Pizza? Here's how to resist.

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