What Food to take on plane ?

Answer I was on a plane yesterday, and we were allowed to bring food. Good stuff to bring are:Cheese-itsPringles or Layssome sweets cookies (choco chip oatmeal!)GoldfishBeef JerkyHope this helps!

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Some typical English food for gift (I would like to carry it by plane)?

Don't try to take meat, cheese or any vegetables. Most countries forbid taking that sort of food across their borders. I like the idea of Branston Pickle, you could also take some Marmite and pe... Read More »

So what's the deal with airline food?

I don't know...I am always curious as to how they can make it taste THAT bad!!!!

How to Deal With Food Cravings?

Craving that sweet snack? Or that last piece of Pizza? Here's how to resist.

What movie is it where people are on a plane and swarm of monsters attack plane and to live you must go to sleep but one person must stay awake?