What should I know about this type of cancer?

Answer Which type of Lymphoid malignancy does he have and what is the stage of the disease?You can check out a few websites that might help you:Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Read More »

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What is the name of the cancer type only men can get?

Prostate cancer is strictly a male only cancer as is testicular cancer. Only men have testicles and prostates.

What is type 2 breast cancer?

Although less aggressive than other forms, stage II breast cancer is still dangerous unless diagnosed and treated properly.CancerCancer, in any form, is when the cells of a particular part of the b... Read More »

What type of cancer did Michael Crichton have?

Official communication from Michael Crichton's family has not revealed what type of cancer ultimately caused his death on Nov. 4, 2008. Crichton published several best selling novels, including "Ju... Read More »

Is Lymphoma a type of cancer that returns over and over?

It can..My guess is that he has a slow growing form of non-hodgkins, most likely follicur lymphoma. This disease is often not curable, although it's treatable. Agressive lymphomas typically are gon... Read More »