What is the deadliest disease ever?

Answer The results of ranking the leading causes of death are subject to the cause categories used. The broader the cause categories used, the more likely they will rank among the top leading causes of de... Read More »

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What is the deadliest wasp?

no wasps are deadly unless you are stung in the throat, or allergic. if a very large swarm attacked a small child death may be possible.... but other than that.. the most painful? in my experience ... Read More »

What is the most deadliest sickness?

Ebola, I think. It's a nasty one. Something like over 90% death rate.

What is the deadliest disease?

ALL the ones that are terminalActually its Ischaemic heart disease

Was the Vietnam war the deadliest war in history?

The deadliest war in man's history was WWII.The deadliest US war was the US Civil War; because Americans were killing Americans.The Vietnam War was Americas longest war against another NATION. The ... Read More »