One creature feeds on other creature in the forests so why should i practice vegetarianism?

Answer Last year I saw a Swamiji preaching vegetarianism while he himself was seated on a 'deer' skin my dissappointment prompted me to write this blog below on ethical non-vegetarianismMany beliefs aroun... Read More »

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What is the deadliest disease?

ALL the ones that are terminalActually its Ischaemic heart disease

What is the deadliest wasp?

no wasps are deadly unless you are stung in the throat, or allergic. if a very large swarm attacked a small child death may be possible.... but other than that.. the most painful? in my experience ... Read More »

What are the top ten child deadliest diseases?

Seek medical attention immediately! Could be a sign of an infection or some more serious condition that could be very dangerous to an infants health if not treated quickly.

What is the deadliest disease ever?

The results of ranking the leading causes of death are subject to the cause categories used. The broader the cause categories used, the more likely they will rank among the top leading causes of de... Read More »