If you could date any celebrity in the world who would you date Who's the last celebrity you'd date?

Answer I'd date Reggie Bush. In fact, he's my future husband, lol.The last person I'd date is Dustin Diamond. Have you ever seen Celebrity Fit Club? Yeah, well, even if you haven't...yuck.

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How to Sync the Time & Date on a Computer with a World Clock?

Windows displays the time and date in the bottom right corner of your computer's task bar, and you can configure the Windows clock to sync with an online world clock automatically. When you sync yo... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: World Behind My Wall/Lass uns laufen release date?

If it is the video then awesome, less than a month away!But if its just the single then :|Poll:Yeah, they need to step it up a bit or else peole will just get impatient......

What were Elvis Presley's date of birth and date of death?

On January 8, 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis's twin brother, did not survive the birth, and Elvis grew up as an only child. Elvis Presley died... Read More »

What is the difference between sell by date and use by date on grocery products?

sell by or display by is the date the retailer uses to clear stocks at reduced prices. use by is the last date recommended to cook/eat a product.