How to Tell Your Date You Have a Child (for Single Mothers)?

Answer A mom and her childIt can be hard to date as a single mother. It is even harder letting the “man of your dreams” know this. There are ways to say it but how do you go about mentioning it? “Fo... Read More »

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If relinquishing your child is the greatest act of love, then aren't "birth mothers" the REAL mothers?

Phil,Just so there will be some balance here to all the crackho and dumpster mothers.Just so there will be some balance for all of the people who think that every child who is adopted was "unwanted... Read More »

Why do today's mothers insist on not listening to the EMS or BSE Mothers experience and learn from our loss?

I like to give a lot of the credit to the industry propaganda and marketing. They listen to what mothers are saying to speak out against it, and then market to counter it almost to a T. they do a p... Read More »

Do married mothers have more sense than unmarried mothers?

You know I have no sense.I have magic powers though, I can magically make my *rock* disappear every time I wash up. Pretty clever ah.

Natural Mothers/Adoptive Mothers?

The only time the amother and I have contact, is when my daughter is present and that's fine by me. She is a decent enough woman, but if our paths had crossed in some other way outside of adoption.... Read More »