What is the data format on a music CD?

Answer Pick any popular music title to purchase, and you will most likely be asked to choose between a physical audio CD or MP3 data file. CD stands for a physical plastic compact disc, and MP3 stands for... Read More »

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Fastest,easiest,cheapest converting scanned data in standard arial format into pdf or word editable format?

Hi VHere is a link to get FreeOCR software.This program will read the scanned and automatically convert them to .txt or whatever . It will import them automatically into Microsoft Word as text. Th... Read More »

Can you transfer data from Outlook to Excel and have Excel lay out the data in a calendar format?

There is is no easy way to do what you are requesting.It might be easier to use MS-Access for this, since it would be much easier arranging and handling the data..

After a format, is your data completely gone?

When you format, full or quick, the data remains.When you list the contents of a hard drive, you are reading the contents of the File Allocation Table. The File Allocation Table is like a map of y... Read More »

How do I format a blank DVD or DVD+RW with data on it?

One has to wonder why you want to format an optical disk.