What is the dark color of the eye called?

Answer The dark circle in the center of the eye is called the pupil. It is located in the middle of the iris. The size of the pupil is controlled by the dilator and sphincter muscles of the iris and dicta... Read More »

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You found out you are pregnant but you just got what looks to be your period but it is very dark like a dark brownish color do you think that everything is okay with the baby?

See a doctor a.s.a.p. please. Bleeding in pregnancy should always be thought as a serious matter even if it is not due to a problem.I had this sma eproblem with both of my children. Usually when it... Read More »

Is there any way to change ones eye color from dark to light,other than using color contacts?

How to Add a Dark Natural Blonde Hair Color to Dark Brown Hair?

Dying your hair doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive. Save yourself a trip to the salon, and dye your hair yourself right at home. With hair dye kits available at any drug store, departme... Read More »

What are the dark, cool spots on the sun called?

The dark, cool regions on the sun are called sunspots. Sunspots appear dark because they are cooler than the areas surrounding them. The temperature of a sunspot may measure around 3,700 degrees Ce... Read More »