What is the little dangly thing in the back of your throat called?

Answer Uvula.

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Sore throat and swollen thing in back of throat.?

Definitely a severe infection. Make an appointment to see your doctor or get to a med clinic. You will need antibiotics indefinitely. In the meantime, gurgle some warm water mixed with natural sea ... Read More »

Do they have to put any thing down my throat?

just a mask over your mouth and then count down from 10 then it's night night time and you'll wake up later with a bionic ankle!

What is the best thing to take when you have a sore throat?

White thing in my throat.?

I had this too for a really long time. I got it right after i got broncitus. Have you had that before? Dont worry you dont need to go to a doctor. It will eventually go down nor something. Hope i h... Read More »