What is the danger if my car over heats?

Answer On One Hand: Fiery BlazeAn overheated engine that continually overheats can spark a flame, causing your entire vehicle to catch fire. This creates a dangerous situation for everyone on the road and... Read More »

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Danger mouse, i was watching it yestarday, and i thought i recognised danger mouses voice. who did it?

David Jason (Del boy) as Dangermouse, Terry Scott as Penfold

How to Fix a Gas Oven That Heats Poorly?

If your gas oven is not holding its temperature, is overheating or under-heating, or is not heating at all, there are many possible culprits. Most problems you can investigate on your own and perha... Read More »

Which cookware heats most evenly?

On One Hand: Aluminum, Cast Iron and Copper Have DrawbacksAluminum, while cheap and a good heat conductor--and therefore an even heater--tends to wear out quickly, pit easily, discolor and change t... Read More »

Is it bad if a new laptop heats around the touchpad or is it normal?

It is completely normal for laptops to heat after having it on for a while. The problem with heat is that it degrades your laptop hardware over time. That means the hotter the Sony VAIO laptop gets... Read More »