What is the damp dry setting on the dryer?

Answer With so many different dryer settings available, it can be difficult to decide which is best to use. The damp dry setting is beneficial in many situations, but it is less appropriate for others.Fu... Read More »

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How to Remove the Damp Smell from Books Using Dryer Sheets?

If you have a book that has damp smells, you can use dryer sheets to improve it.

Just moved in - flat damp already in July - bedding damp after less than one week!?

It sounds like you have a condensation problem, are you in a basement flat? if so it sounds like the owners of the flat have not had any tanking carried out as this drains away any condensation bei... Read More »

When i switch my computer on my monitor display setting keep changing . i have to adjust setting every time.?

Hi,Please do the following-Right click your desktop> Properties> Settings tab and at the lower right yu'll c Advanced tab. Click on it.Here yu'll find three radio buttons under 'After I change Disp... Read More »

Why avast antivirs updates slowly on manual setting and fastly on automatic setting?

Probably because it doesn't actually download a whole new database each time. It doesn't have to discard the entire database just because some new virus definitions got out. All it has to download ... Read More »