What is the daily cost of a child on life support?

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How do you terminate the rights of a parent who doesn't pay child support or take part in their child's life?

Answer Depends on laws & proceedures required within your state. Find a custody lawyer in the yellow pages & ask someone local. In Michigan, you need to prove that the father is unfit or have hi... Read More »

Can an unwed father who has never paid child support and has not been in the child's life get custody?

That would be very unlikely since he has not yet established paternity and so he has no parental rights. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most stat... Read More »

The Average Cost of Child Support in Florida?

Child support, also called a child support order, is the amount of money the court system of each state requires a parent to pay to support children after a divorce. The average cost of child suppo... Read More »

Monthly child support cost western Massachusetts?