What is the cutest thing your little one has done lately?

Answer My son is inseparable with me at the moment its unreal. He only see's his daddy a few times a week as his daddy is in intense training for the army at the moment, its been like this for absolute mo... Read More »

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What was the funniest/cutest thing your kid (under 6) said?

A friend of mine has a son, and when he was four years old she used to take naps with him. One day she said, "Michael, let's take a nap." He looked at her and said "Uh...escuse me...I think I sai... Read More »

As many reply as possible: I want to know what is the cutest thing your older child has done for your baby?

When my daughter was born, my step-daughter made her a home-made card that said "welcome to Earth"!About two weeks ago, my daughter (now 4) put a sleeping bag and pillows out on the floor. She aske... Read More »

What is the funniest/cutest thing you've come home and found your hubby & baby doing?

I'm with her all the time, but I do love watching him play with our daughter.

Preschool teachers: What was the cutest/funniest thing one of your students said recently?

I did a spontaneous natural science lesson with my Preschoolers by bringing in a thick sheet of ice from our water table outside our door. It had a lot of dry leaves, twigs, stones, etc. frozen i... Read More »