What is the customer service number for Premier Credit Cards?

Answer The customer-service number for Premier Credit Cards is 1-800-987-5521. You can use the number to make a telephone payment to your credit card account, check on the status of a recent application, ... Read More »

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What is the optimal number of credit cards for a good credit score?

On One Hand: No More than SevenAccording to the Motley Fool, if you have more than seven credit cards your credit score will suffer. The FICO scoring model, developed by the Fair Isaac Corp., penal... Read More »

Can stores ask for customer ID for credit cards?

It is legal for a merchant to ask customers for identification when they are using a credit card. A customer, however, has the right to refuse to show the merchant his identification, and a merchan... Read More »

What is the customer service phone number for direct tv?

What is NetZero's customer service phone number?

The customer service number for Netzero's dial-up service is (866) 841-1442. To cancel a dial-up account, call (800) 851-7908. For DSL accounts, the customer service number is (866) 810-8092. To c... Read More »