How to Analyse a Political Situation?

Answer The world is a complicated place. If you're a conscientious citizen, want to get involved in politics, but don't want to get duped into supporting something you don't believe in, consider these tip... Read More »

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How to Write a Current Business Situation?

A current business situation, or marketing situation, is a section included in a marketing plan. A marketing plan covers at least one year of company information and may take months to write. It de... Read More »

Uni fees will be free unless you earn £21,000pa, what is wrong with this in the current economic situation?

As good as it sounds, free university education is dead and buried really and so fees have to be paid. Nothing wrong with setting the lower limit before you start paying it back at £21k, if you ch... Read More »

Does train touches overhead current of 25000 volts of current?

How to Find the Current in a Parallel RLC Circuit Using the Current Divider Rule?

A parallel RLC circuit is comprise of resistors, a capacitor and an inductor arranged parallel to each other. This arrangement means that the circuit has two branches connected separately across th... Read More »