What do the numbers mean in the stock market?

Answer The numbers in a stock quotation give investors information about a particular stock.Stock QuotationA stock quotation will have the following headings in the order given:52 week high, low, stock, s... Read More »

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How to Deal With the Current Stock Market?

The stock-market collapse and subsequent market dips that started back in October 2008 have caused investors to reevaluate how they invest in stocks. Understanding how the market has impacted your ... Read More »

How will the current world affairs affect the stock market?

It depends who is having the affair D lol

What was the longest bear market in stock market history?

The longest bear market was from September 1929 to July 1932, according to BBC News. Not only was it the longest bear market, but the markets also did not recover from that slump for 22 months. The... Read More »

What is fair market value in the stock market?

Fair market value in the stock market is the price that an interested buyer would be willing to spend and an interested seller would be willing to accept on the open market, according to InvestorWo... Read More »