How to Determine a Current Home Value?

Answer Many homeowners are curious about a home's worth. A home value is usually most important when selling or refinancing a home. The value will determine the price tag of the home. Or, it will determin... Read More »

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How do I setup my home surround sound with my current wiring?

Since you have speakers already installed, there should be an RCA jack for the sub somewhere in the room and in the closet. Default values in home theater audio is an av receiver with amplified ou... Read More »

How can i home record under $50?

Depends on what you mean by record. If you mean live music, just the basic microphone compliment for anything will triple that,at even the most primitive levels. If you are mixing prerecorded midi ... Read More »

Who has the career home run record?

As of 2010, Barry Bonds held the National League career home run record with 762, while Babe Ruth held the American League record with 708, according to the Baseball Almanac. However, ESPN reports ... Read More »

Can you record VHS home movies onto a CD?

If you have the proper equipment, you can transfer VHS home movies to a CD. However, experts at CNet recommend transferring to a DVD instead. DVDs hold more on each disc, offer higher resolution ... Read More »