What is the rate of exchange for the US dollar vs. the Canadian dollar?

Answer The exchange rate on March 4, 2011 was 0.97263 Canadian dollars for every 1 U.S. dollar. However, the exchange rate is constantly changing due to different economic pressures on each country.Resour... Read More »

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What is the exchange rate of U.S. dollar vs. euro?

On March 1, 2011, the currency exchange rate was $1 for 0.7233 Euros. The currency exchange rate constantly fluctuates, so you need to research the exchange rate for the day you want to make an exc... Read More »

What is the exchange rate for the Brazilian real to the U.S. dollar?

As of April 2010, the Brazilian real, which is abbreviated BRL or R$ and is known as "reais" in plural, is exchanged at a rate of 0.568020 U.S. dollars (USD). Conversely, one U.S. dollar is exchang... Read More »

Is having a low dollar value beneficial when it comes to international exchange markets?

A low dollar makes domestic goods and services attractive, especially to foreigners. It also means that foreign products are more expensive to import and benefits those countries that rely on expor... Read More »

How to Exchange Loose Change for Dollar Bills?

When your wallet, coin purse or piggy bank is full of loose change, pour out the coins and trade them in for dollar bills. Your local bank or a nearby grocery store will often offer this exchange s... Read More »