Can I use U.S. currency in Canada?

Answer Travelers to Canada may use U.S. currency in many--but not all--Canadian shops. American Consular Services in Canada warns that some businesses do not have updated exchange rates, meaning you could... Read More »

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Is U.S. currency accepted in Canada?

U.S currency is widely accepted throughout Canada without restriction or trouble in most places. Of course, there are always exceptions. The Canadian dollar does fluctuate daily against the U.S dol... Read More »

The Best Way to Exchange Currency in Canada?

Foreign travel is often undertaken as a pleasure trip or vacation, so having to fret about items like currency exchange is definitely something to be avoided. Travel to Canada is no exception and w... Read More »

What is the name of the currency in Canada that is equivalent to the American dollar?

Canada uses the Canadian dollar (CAD), according to MSN Money Central. The CAD began its upward climb against the U.S. Dollar in January 2009 when it hit $0.80 to the dollar, and came very close to... Read More »

What is the worth of United States currency converted to Australian currency?

As of April 2010, the exchange rate for the Australian dollar is 1.07356 dollars to 1 United States dollar. For Example 100 U.S. dollars equals about 107.35 Australian dollars. However, exchange ra... Read More »