How can i reduce the appearance or get rid of a hicky?

Answer Find Dr. Emmitt Brown, travel back in time, and spend the time you got the hickey more read a book

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How do i get rid of a hicky/neck bite?

ice it, and put some arnica gel on it. it works for bruises, and since a hickey is the same thing (both are broken blood vessels), it should help.put some concealer on it in the meantime. a great b... Read More »

Whats the fastest way to get rid of a hicky ?

Love bite/hicky - How can I get rid of them?

Is ot possible that a seat belt could do a hicky?

It would be really difficult for a single length of belt webbing to pinch a bit of neck flesh. If it did, the mark would be in line with the belt direction.Find someone who has the decency to come ... Read More »