What is the cross of gold speech about?

Answer The "cross of gold" speech took place during the 1896 Democratic Convention. It was delivered by the party's presidential nominee, William Jennings Bryan, who went on to lose the election to Republ... Read More »

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Who gave the famous cross of gold speech in 1896?

American politician William Jennings Bryan gave the 1896 Cross of Gold speech at the Democratic National Convention. With hopes of winning the Democratic presidential nomination, Bryan used the spe... Read More »

What does a Celtic cross gold ring and heart mean?

A Celtic cross gold ring and heart, which is called a Claddagh ring, means love (the heart), loyalty (the crown) and friendship (the hands). It originated in Ireland and is traditionally given as a... Read More »

What old us military medal has a short black ribbon with attachment pin at the top and consist of a gold colored Maltese cross with white enamel and the great seal of the us in the middle?

From what I can find out, this is the Veterans of Foreign Wars Maltese Cross.

What did Martin Luther teach about the cross of christ?

Martin Luther taught that it was better for Christians to focus their beliefs on the cross, which symbolized the visible, concrete glories of God, than to worship abstract qualities of the divine. ... Read More »