What is the criteria to declare a damaged car a total loss?

Answer Answer 544. "Total loss salvage vehicle" means either of the following: (a) A vehicle, other than a nonrepairable vehicle, of a typesubject to registration that has been wrecked, destroyed, or d... Read More »

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Are insurance companies the only ones that can declare a car a total loss?

Does a High Criteria Total Recorder work with Linux?

High Criteria's Total Recorder requires a sound card and one of the following versions of Windows: XP (SP 2 or later), Vista or 7. The Windows systems can be either 32- or 64-bit.References:Total R... Read More »

How to Dispute an Insurance Total Loss on a Car?

Experts who are familiar with the finance and auto industries are often counseling drivers who have had their cars considered a total loss by an insurance company. The internal calculations used by... Read More »

How to Use Gap Insurance When Your Car Is a Total Loss After an Accident?

"Gap" insurance is a product that protects you from owing more than what your car is worth in an accident. When you total your car, the gap insurance coverage pays the difference between what you o... Read More »