What is the criteria to be eligible to get your pregnant Q scored?

Answer I am just so excited you are pregnat again, Mom!! Am I gonna get more gold Frankenstein mirrors?

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What Are Your "Criteria" For Baby Name Contacts?

I have contacts with people that have vastly different tastes in names as me, and some that have similar tastes as me. My criteria- someone who is honest, but not a jerk. lol someone who has a bit ... Read More »

What should a 16 year old three months pregnant do if your afraid of your dad who is very strict and threatens you and your boyfriend and said if you ever got pregnant he would kill you?

I think that if you are seriously afraid for what he might do, then you need to tell an adult that can help you when you tell him that will give you a safe place to go. Second, I went through a sim... Read More »

What if you are a 13-year-old girl who wants to become pregnant and your boyfriend will have sex with you to make you pregnant but your not sure what your parents will say if they find out?

Here are some answers from the WikiAnswers Community. Please feel free to add yours while refraining from removing others.Answer Why do you want to get pregnant at 13? I got pregnant with my first ... Read More »

Are you eligible for disability leave if you start a new job when six months pregnant and will only work 10 weeks before you take off?

The answer depends on when your coverage became effective. Most plans are effective after a time frame (ex: the 1st month following your date of hire, etc.). In order to be eligible your coverage w... Read More »