What is the crime rate in america?

Answer According to the FBI's annual report, Crime in the United States, 454.5 violent crimes and 3,212.5 property crimes (rates are per 100,000 population) were reported in 2008. The rate of violent cri... Read More »

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What was the location of America's first capital?

America's first capital was in New York City. It became the capital after the Constitution was ratified, and it is where George Washington took the oath to be the President of the United States.Sou... Read More »

Do UK crime documentaries eg Street Wars glorify crime to provide entertainment or do they make the public aware of ongoing crime in the UK?

thy make the police seam as if thy have a 100% success rate

Where was the capital of the Confederate States of America?

The capital of the Confederate States of America was originally located in Montgomery, Alabama. However, when Virgina seceded from the Union, the capital was moved to Richmond, Virginia, shortly af... Read More »

Which capital city in South America is not on a coast?

The capital cities of six South American countries are not located on the coast. Those landlocked capital cities include: Asuncion, Paraguay; Bogota, Colombia; Brasilia, Brazil; La Paz, Bolivia; Qu... Read More »