Where would you rank the Movie Devil's Rejects in the all time Horror movie genre?

Answer i would probally say like a didnt think it was that scary but no movies ever are anymore. i was more scared when i was younger

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What's one of the creepiest compliments you've ever gotten?

"you have nice ears. they are so little and clean."wtf. who says that?

What is the creepiest thing anyone has ever said about your baby?

YIKES! People are crazy!! Besides being approached by strangers every single time I try to go anywhere or do anything (I'm very tired of fake smiling and pretending to be nice) I had a man approach... Read More »

Breeders: What's the absolute creepiest toy ever given to your child(ren)?

I can't quite remember anything nearly as creepy being given to the offspring, my darling...but a coworker of mine once complained that her brother- and sister-in-law (her husband's sister) had giv... Read More »

I have been getting the creepiest phone calls for weeks, what do i do?

ask your telephone provider to trace the call, its the easiest thing to do, then they will send a letter on your behalf to the caller warning they must stop and if they fail to do so police may be ... Read More »