What is the craziest pregnancy advice you have gotten?

Answer Sing to your stomach so your baby can get used to your voice. Believe me, it works. ;)

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What is the craziest bumper sticker that you have ever seen on a car/truck/etc.?

I got a sticker from Burning Man that I put on my car saying "F#ck your f#cking f#ck. I think that's pretty crazy.

Have you ever gotten shot?

Yes, if you are in a big situation you will not notice until a few seconds after. The Pain is the most excruciating thing you can ever imagine.

Have you ever gotten a areola tattoo?

I was unable to do reconstruction (well, the first try failed miserably) but I thought about whether I would want to do the recreation of the nipple and areola. I don't think I would because it wi... Read More »

Question for those who have gotten Lasik eye surgery?

I haven't had it myself. I looked and for me at my age with my perscription the risks are bad , also I get on fine with contacts. I know 4 people who have had it. Three have been very happy althou... Read More »