What is the cover on a casket called?

Answer The cover on a casket is called a casket cover. It is usally some kind of blanket or a spray of flowers. However, there is a company in England that offers a reusable, veneered product called a Cas... Read More »

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What is throwing dirt on a casket called?

In Judaism, the act of throwing dirt on a casket is called kevurah, which literally means "the burial." It is considered a mitzvah, or an act of human kindness, for a member of the funeral party to... Read More »

What is the back cover of a book called?

One name for the back cover of the book is the end paper. This refers to the sheet of paper that is pasted onto the hard back of the book, more commonly known as the board, which is made out of car... Read More »

What is a ladies beach cover-up called?

A ladies beach cover-up is called a sarong. It is a swath of fabric that is usually wrapped around the waist and tied over a bathing suit, but it can also be opened up and used as a full skirt or a... Read More »

What was the tv series called about a female PI that used being a photographer as cover?

TNT has ordered a 13-episodes for the second season, which will premiere on July 11, 2011.