What is the country of origin of bar codes?

Answer The idea for the modern bar code originated in the United States with two graduate students from the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia. Bob Silver and Norman Joseph Woodland filed a pa... Read More »

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What is the country of origin for Zoe?

Greece, it is a Greek female name and means literally- Life. pronounced both to rhyme with ( Joe) and also Zo- EE) two sylabbles. There was an Empress Zoe in the long-lived Byzantine empire, many o... Read More »

Do bar codes tell you what country something was made in?

No. The bar code on a product reveals the country of origin for the bar code, not the country where the item was made. The first few numbers, known as the flag, represent the country where the ba... Read More »

What is the country of origin of the last name Arpia?

The country of Spain is the origin for the last name Arpia, which is Spanish for harpy. The word harpy can also mean shrew, fury or a woman with a vicious Arpia

What is the origin of the name of the country Greece?

Greece is an English name that comes from the Latin word "Graeci," which was used by the early Italians to describe the region and the people who lived there. Greeks refer to their country as “He... Read More »