What area code or country code do you live in?

Answer 714 in california =]

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What is a ZIP code in canada?

Instead of ZIP codes, Canada uses postal codes. Canada's post codes have six characters in two sections. The first section goes: letter, number, letter, and represents the province or district. The... Read More »

What is the telephone area code for Ontario, Canada?

Ontario, Canada, has numerous area codes. In the Toronto area they are 647 and 416. In the London, Guelph and Woodstock area it is 519. In the Ottawa, Belleville and Trenton area it is 613. Algonqu... Read More »

What is the postal code for Nova Scotia, Canada?

Nova Scotia, Canada, has 76 postal codes, depending on the city in Nova Scotia where the mail is going. The easiest way to recognize a postal code for Nova Scotia is that it begins with the letter ... Read More »

What is the us country code for Skype?