What is the cost of terrazzo floors?

Answer Terrazzo flooring can cost between $20 to $40 for each square foot purchased. This type of flooring can last a long time if the homeowner maintains it properly, and can be used in areas of the floo... Read More »

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How do I paint terrazzo floors?

Clean the terrazzo thoroughly before you paint it. If it had carpet on it, remove any bits of glued-on rubber with a solvent and a scraper. Then clean the floor with a solution of Tri-sodium phosph... Read More »

How do I polish terrazzo floors?

Remove the old coating of wax with a commercial floor-stripping compound, or use a nonabrasive soap and hot water. This is especially important to do if the floor is stained or yellowing.Sprinkle m... Read More »

How do i take care of terrazzo floors?

Keep Dust AwaySweep your floors regularly to keep dust and dirt from collecting on the surface. A yarn-wick brush is the most effective tool for removing any larger particles, which can act as an a... Read More »

How do i clean terrazzo floors?

Clean your terrazzo floors using neutral liquid cleaners only. Avoid all acid or alkaline cleaners, since these harsh cleaners damage your floors. Use a neutral cleaner made specifically for terraz... Read More »