What is the cost of strontium?

Answer Strontium is a metal with various uses including being part of nuclear batteries in buoys and flares, and providing the crimson color for fireworks. Strontium metal (98 percent pure) cost $100 per ... Read More »

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Where does strontium come from?

Four stable isotopes of strontium, a silver-gray metal, occur in nature. These isotopes usually occur in celestite and strontianite, which are minerals in the earth's crust. Other types of strontiu... Read More »

Uses of Strontium 90?

Strontium 90 is a radioactive isotope of the element strontium. It has a half-life of 28.8 years. It is produced as a result of uranium fission and is therefore a major byproduct of nuclear weapons... Read More »

How is strontium used?

Several fields use strontium, a soft, silver metal. Strontium reacts strongly with water and oxygen, so most applications use compounds or alloys rather than the pure metal. Strontium's radioactive... Read More »

Where was strontium discovered?

In 1790, the element strontium was discovered by Irish chemist Adair Crawford. It was named after Strontian, a village in Scotland where it was discovered in the ores taken from nearby lead mines. ... Read More »