What is the cost of replacing ball joints?

Answer The cost of having a mechanic replace ball joints can cost anywhere from $500 to $1100, depending upon the make, model and year of the vehicle, according to A do-it-yourself individ... Read More »

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Tips on Replacing Ball Joints?

Ball joints are important connectors between the steering linkage and the axle assembly. This part of your suspension allows you to steer your vehicle and is a very important part of the support. B... Read More »

How to Save Money by Replacing your Car's Ball Joints?

If you own a few basic hand tools, you can save enough money to go on a vacation by changing your car's ball joints.How do you know if you need them? Loose steering, car wanders all over the road, ... Read More »

Replacing Cougar CV Joints?

While some seemingly exit the womb ready to organize, others do not come across the skill so naturally. If you have always envied the excessively organized with their neat lists and tidy files, aim... Read More »

How to start replacing CV joints on audi a6 quattro 2000?

As an owner of an aging audi a6, I've recently encountered an annoying clicking sound. The cause of the problem: cv joint failure.The CV joints on a car are lubed with high temperature grease that ... Read More »