What is the cost of preserving your wedding gown?

Answer You can take your gown to a reputable dry cleaner who can clean, preserve and box it. They do this by using acid-free tissue paper and an acid-free box. The cost for gown preservation ranges from $... Read More »

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How soon should one buy a gown before the wedding?

On One Hand: At least Nine Months in AdvanceIf you are buying a designer gown and planning to have it altered to fit perfectly, you should make your purchase at least nine months before your weddin... Read More »

How to Sell Your Wedding Gown?

Some brides hold on to their wedding dresses as a keepsake, preserving it and packing it away until a daughter or niece can someday wear it in her own wedding. Other brides, those needing the money... Read More »

What should I wear under my wedding gown?

On One Hand: A Waist Cincher Smooths the Mid-sectionSome lingerie experts highly recommend a waist cincher or corset for brides. Heather Gross, a lingerie purchaser interviewed for a arti... Read More »

How to Recycle a Used Wedding Gown?

The average cost of a wedding gown in the United States is $2,000, with most designer gowns priced at more than $5,000. Many women preserve their wedding gowns with the hopes that their daughters o... Read More »