What is the cost of getting teeth bleached ?

Answer Starts from 500 rupees

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Bleached teeth help! THIS IS URGENT!!!!?

If this is real then get down the hospital now!!! or call an ambulance. take small sips of water to cool the mouth. take the bottle to the hospital with you so they can identify the chemicals. Dont... Read More »

Getting hair bleached in salon! ?

If your hair is relatively healthy beforehand, it should be fine. The people at the salon will take good care of it. But dont get it bleached too often.

How much does it cost to get your hair bleached at a salon?

*Probably not all that much if you just want a small section done. Better to have it done by a pro, than screw your hair up. Just call one up and ask.

Can getting hairs stuck in your teeth cause long term damage to your teeth?

I'm sure! That's why the whole world should shave.