What is the cost of disability insurance for a massage business?

Answer Answer The cost of DI depends on how much and what features and benefits you buy, as well as your avocation, your health and your age. Therefor you must be a little more specific to get even a ba... Read More »

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What is the cost of disability insurance for a massage therapist?

Answer It completely depends on the Insurance company that you were to go through as all rates would vary depending on the insurance policy you choose. Some insurance companies will not insure mas... Read More »

Which insurance companies will insure a massage therapist for disability insurance?

Should stay at home moms have disability insurance to cover the cost of childcare and housekeeping should she be unable to perform these tasks because of a disability?

Stay at home moms don't get the recognition they deserve. Although all of these tasks are quite important, and it would cost plenty to hire a replacement, you may find it difficult to find an insur... Read More »

Is there a low cost hospitalization insurance you can get while on state disability insurance?

AnswerYou may be able to get a hospital indemnity plan that pays a fixed amount in the event you are hospitalized up to a specified number of days per year. Check with your local health insuurance ... Read More »