What is the cost of attending cal state la for a quarter!?

Answer Tuition: $4,555Living Expenses: $5,500Books/Supplies: $540Health Insurance: $230

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What is the annual cost of attending the Coast Guard Academy?

The coast guard does go to war. I am currently in the coast guard and we have been involved in every major war. Not many casualties because our role isn't one involving combat, but we do provide a ... Read More »

Can a college student buy and register a car in the state where she is attending college and still remain on the parent's policy from another state?

Answer Yes, The insurance of a vehicle has no bearing on where the car is purchase or register.

Who is attending the state of the union address in 2011?

Yes someone could do that and it would be very interesting to compare the two State of the Union addresses.

Who is not attending the 2011 state of the union address?

The Vice President and the speaker of the House (of Representatives). They are Currently Joe Biden(VP) and John Boehner (SOTHOR)