How much does it cost for a 4GB iPOD Nano?

Answer Answerabout $ 100 unless you want the new video ones and those are about $200 Answerthey first were $215 then lowered to $150 then on eBay sold for 99cents but now they are $220

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How many does an ipod nano cost?

They cost either $149 or $199 (US).

How much does the third generation ipod nano cost?

The third generation iPod Nano costs approximately $70 to 80 in used condition, as of 2010. Apple no longer manufactures the third generation Nano. As a result, supplies of unopened units are dwind... Read More »

How much does the 4th generation ipod nano cost?

go to and see yourself, roughly about 160 for 8gb

How much money does an 8GB ipod nano cost?

Answer At Target they are only 149.99.(At WalMart they are $197.88.)